My Vision For Mentoring Artists

My passion is to help artists achieve excellence in every aspect of their musical journey. It’s certainly beneficial for any artist to have someone experienced to consult with and offer encouraging feedback.  In a typical scenario, the artist and I will plan an agenda for the mentoring days we will spend together, insuring we cover the areas most important to them. During this one-on-one time, I am totally devoted to providing outstanding guidance in any of, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Songwriting Coaching
  • Staging and Program Building (main goal is to powerfully connect with audience)
  • Vocal Performance and Blend
  • How To Build Your Fan Base
  • How To Build Your Relationships with Promoters and Buyers
  • Photography
  • Shoot a Music Video
  • Record Vocals for a Project
  • Branding (includes all things regarding your image, such as photography, logo design, social media and website design, etc. )

Please note that in some of the above areas, such as music video and recording, additional post-production days may be required.  If so, these additional days will be included in my overall proposal.

Something exciting for you to know…

If you schedule a concert that includes me, you keep all honorariums and can use them to offset your mentoring fee!

When and Where…

I’m available for either weekday or weekend dates. We can work together in the artist’s hometown or at my studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


500/day plus hotel accommodations

Travel time (to and from artist’s hometown, if applicable)

2 responses to “My Vision For Mentoring Artists”

  1. Phil Cross

    Another email from an artist.

    Phil Cross is a man, who without a doubt has many crowns awaiting him in Heaven. He has wrote several #1 songs in Southern Gospel Music, travelled with one of the greatest groups on the road, Poet Voices, and has been on top of the music industry, and yet his heart is helping new and upcoming ministries. In 2009, while at the National Quartet Convention, we sang on a showcase that Phil just so happened to be emceeing, and we caught his attention. After we got finished he came up to our table, and was very encouraging to our family, and the relationship started immediately. When we got back home I contacted Phil looking for some direction, and he embraced me and our ministry, and began mentoring us. Within a year of Phil’s mentoring our ministry began to grow significantly. It was the small things that we were over looking, and I’m sure many groups over look, that made the difference. By the next year at NQC I had the opportunity to stand on main stage at the Song Of A Lifetime event and sing Colbert and Joyce Croft’s epic song I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand, which went on to make the 2010 NQC Live DVD. Following that performance I had the honor of recording several of Phil’s songs on a solo project, which Phil produced, and I found out, along with all his many other talents, just what a great producer he is. Our ministry has made more relationships and had more charting songs over the past four years than ever before, and I truly believe it’s because God placed a burden on a man named Phil Cross to make a difference in people’s lives that so many over look. It’s an honor to call Phil Cross a true friend.

    Shawn Porter (The Porter Family)