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Phil Cross is known as a one of today’s most anointed Christian music artists and is highly regarded as a composer, singer, and speaker.  He began using his God-given musical talents as a teenager and has been writing songs since 1983.  Brought up in a Christian home by loving parents, Phil has truly been blessed with a marvelous life in service to God.
However, his early years were challenging.  Phillip Allen Cross was born in Ringgold, GA and raised in Chattanooga, TN.  For Phil, life was great until the first grade!  He was not prepared to be labeled the “UGLY KID” in school but that’s what happened.  Each year worsened as he became more and more beaten-down by the cruelty of his classmates.  But God had a big plan for this young boy and Phil plugged into God’s plan when he gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of eleven.  Since then, God has used the trials of his youth to bring a distinct depth and richness to his work.  Phil credits the struggles of his youth for giving him the passion to become a minister of the Gospel through songwriting, singing, and  testimony.
God has miraculously lifted him, equipped him, and brought him to a place of prominence in music ministry.  Certainly, Phil Cross is no stranger to Christian music.  He has long been known as one of today’s finest composers. He has received many of  Gospel music’s highest honors including Dove Awards, Song Of The Year, and Songwriter Of The Year honors.  Although he has gained recognition as a composer and a singer, and has had a great deal of success as a musician, Phil has remained genuine and sincere. His strongest desire is to let everyone know that God is on their side and He has an incredible plan for their lives.

Most Notable Compositions

  • Champion Of Love #1
  • I Am Redeemed #1
  • One Holy Lamb
  • Jesus Built A Bridge #1
  • Yes I Am #1
  • When I Get Carried Away #1
  • Saved To The Uttermost #1
  • Miracle In Me #1
  • Wedding Music #1
  • We Will Stand With The Holy Ones
  • Hope Has Hands
  • Welcome To Heaven
  • Glorious City Of God #1
  • They Can’t Take That Away From Me
  • In The Depths Of The Sea
  • The Only King
  • The Key #1
  • Grace & Glory #1
  • Hold On
  • Under God
  • If We Don’t Pray
  • The One
  • To The Homeland
  • My Redeemer Lives
  • There’s No Such Thing
  • The Lamb Has Prevailed
  • Glory In The Story
  • He’s Already In Your Tomorrow
  • The Embrace Of Grace
  • Tears In A Bottle
  • God Is Good
  • Before You Knew How To Love Me
  • Heaven’s Hero


  • 1987 Song Of The Year, “Singing News Fan Awards”, When I Get Carried Away, Gold City
  • 1987 Song Of The Year, “GMA Dove Awards”, Champion Of Love, Cathedral Quartet
  • 1998 Favorite Songwriter, “Singing News Fan Awards”
  • 1998 Favorite Song, “Singing News Fan Awards”, I Am Redeemed, Phil Cross & Poet Voices
  • 1998 Favorite Songwriter, “Singing News Fan Awards”
  • 1998 Songwriter Of The Year, “SGMA Awards”
  • 1999 Song Of The Year, “Diamond Awards”, I Am Redeemed, Phil Cross & Poet Voices
  • 1999 Songwriter Of The Year, “Diamond Awards”
  • 2002 Songwriter Of The Year, “SGMA Awards”
  • 2008 Hall Of Honor, “Tyner High School First 100 Years”


Phil Cross is available for worship services, concerts, ministry gatherings, and choir workshops.  He is also open to teaching and speaking opportunities.

14 responses to “About Phil Cross”

  1. Chuck Ketterman

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    First let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for our Chior at our retreat recently. (Trinity Baptist)It was such a blessing. I would like to attach an email from a friend in the Chior. It touched me deeply and brought home all you were trying to teach us. God Bless You! in your future work!!! chuck

    A note of encouragement for you:

    I felt I needed to share this with you.

    I have a friend who has been fighting a spiritual battle for 20+ years and does not attend church because if this. He does occasionally watch our TV broadcast. He happened to walk through his living room last Sunday and caught a glimpse of the choir singing the Phil Cross Sunday concert that was airing at the time. We were singing ‘Redeemed’ and holding our signs up with emotion and tears. He stopped and watched and listened and told me that he was so overcome by that song, he could not stop crying. He told me he thought something was going on but did not know what it was. I know what it is and I know you do, too. He has asked me to pray for him and his family.

    He also asked me to let you know what an awesome choir we have and how much he enjoys the broadcasts.

    God’s word is never void. Keep singing His praises and glory be to Him always! You never know whose life you are touching, but trust that God does.


  2. Peter E. San Miguel

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    Let’s keep living for Him.

  3. J. Briggs King

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    Phil, I have been hearing your music, with Poet Voices, for some time now. I think the best thing you have done is: “Father, You do not owe me anything”. I have been hearing this on WBTG Radio, Muscle Shoals. I had the unusual experience of praying that God would let me hear it, when I had just turned the radio on at a random time. Twice, within five minutes, I heard it. One time, I turned on, and it was playing at that time.
    I am from Rainsville, Alabama. I pastored churches there for years. My last church was in Corinth, MS. I live now in that area. I am doing evangelistic work again, after 50 years in the ministry.
    I am a friend of George Huges of Fort Payne; you may know him.
    God bless you for your good music.

    Brother Briggs

  4. Donita

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    You are coming to East Columbus United Methodist Church on March 25th. I am looking forward to hearing you sing. I would like to request that you please sing Hope has Hands. I love this song. Have a safe trip. God bless.

  5. Jerry & Susan Sinclair, Faithful & True

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    When we sang in choir (30 years each), many of the songs had your name right by the title. Singing, “Yes I Am”, “One Holy Lamb”, “I am Redeemed”, “My Redeemer Lives” and many more just sends chills up and down my spine. I am honored to be in contact with you and would be honored to have you in our LINKEDin network http://www.linkedin.com/in/jrrysinclair

    We have shifted from a singing ministry to meeting the needs of sexually broken men. Please check us out. God bless…

    Jerry and Susan (who sings a strong alto)!

  6. Ed Cooper New Holland Baptist

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    We were absolutely thrilled Sunday night with your singing ,testimony,and humor Would love to have you return very soon Love Ya Brother!

  7. Lisa Herald

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    It was an honor meeting and worshiping with you at Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Thank you for being such an humble man of God. God Bless you!

  8. david c bishop

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    I have been looking for information on the first friend I ever had her name was Becky hicks and we lived in national city Calif. My dad was the asst pastor under Ted.My wife and I live in gainesville tx.I have been curious as to what she had been doing. Was so sorry to hear of her parents passing.
    David Bishop.

  9. Carmen

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    I saw you on TBN, and I truly enjoyed the segment. Also, you have written some beautiful songs that I have heard alot. Pray for my sister and I during a very difficult time in our lives when we need favor from the Lord. Thank you.

  10. Mary Hill

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    loved every song you sang at Emanuel Baptist Church in Grenada, Ms, and especially the invitation that was give, keep up the good work of spreading God’s word through song.

  11. Jane Hurst

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    I would like to order the CD that has “I Am Redeemed” on it. What is the name of that CD?

  12. Elizabeth Justus

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    Saw you in Pigeon Forge on May 2 and enjoyed it very much.

  13. Patsy C

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    Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed, and was blessed by, your music at Lover’s Leap Baptist Church at Ansted, WV recently. I read the insert with your CD, “The First 25 Years,” checked out the website and short videos, and know you are a true man of God. I have the utmost respect for you and your ministry. Keep up the good works, and God bless you and your family.